Asbestos Services & Respiratory Fit Testing

Is it time for your Company's Annual Aesbestos Physicals? Do you have new employees?

We utilize OSHA and PESH standards to determine fitness for duty ensuring that your employees are in the best health to perform their jobs. Great Lakes Physician Services has been working with the local companies for many years. We have experienced professional staff that will administer the physical testing that your company requires. We offer testing at our site with day, night, and Saturday hours to accommodate your schedule.

Great Lakes Physician Services will provide exam and testing reposts to your company with 7 business days. Employees will be deemed Fit for Duty, Fit with Restrictions, or Unfit Pending Further Documentation. All information collected from exam and testing will be kept on file for quick access and reporting information.Feel free to contact us via telephone or email should you require further information or would like to schedule testing for your company.

* Packages can be customized to meet your Company's specific requirements

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